As a Christian, my faith is the most important thing to me. I have my own personal views on abortion, which align with my faith. I do understand that many in the community may not share my Christian beliefs, but I believe my role is to reflect God’s image, to live out His purpose, and to advance His kingdom, which includes bringing justice to the poor and sharing God’s love with others. It is through letting God’s love lead our lives that we can change other’s hearts, which legislation itself cannot do.


As a potential elected official, I understand the Roe vs. Wade is the law in this country. I believe we should respect the law, as we should respect our rights as outlined in our constitution. I believe there are ways both parties can work together to reduce the number of abortions through supporting preventive policies and those that make alternative options more accessible. This includes policies that make adoption easier and less expensive. There are policies that have been studied in other states, including increasing access to women’s healthcare and making birth control even more accessible to women of all income levels. I believe we need to be open-minded about policies such as these, even if they do not perfectly align with some religious beliefs, since they have been shown to reduce unwanted pregnancies and thereby reduce abortion rates. 

As a doctor and pediatrician, I will always support our infants and children.  Most of my adult life has been dedicated to the treatment of disease and the preservation of the lives of my patients, and this would continue as an elected representative.  My opponent has recently written that he does not support the legalization of infanticide. On this subject, I do agree. I also do not support late-term abortion. When a woman cannot carry a pregnancy to term for medical reasons, there are statutes in place in Virginia, and she should be entitled to requisite healthcare and the protection of those applicable laws. I believe that those of us who support the life of our infants and children, and care about our mothers, can always do more to help this situation.


In a perfect world, there would be no abortion. There would also be no acts of violence, no hunger, no homelessness, no pain, and no sickness. It is my goal and purpose in life to alleviate as much of the pain, sickness, and hardships of my neighbors as possible.  I want every expectant mother and every family to have the medical care they need so that survival and the health of their family is not an issue for them. I want young families to be able to feed their children and themselves so that they are able to be productive in their schools and their jobs for the benefit of all. I want our citizens to be educated so they can excel in both their personal lives and professionally. And finally, I want our region to have the jobs, opportunity, infrastructure, and quality healthcare needed so that we can all lead healthier more prosperous lives. I pledge to you that these issues will be my passion as a Delegate and as a fellow resident of Southwest Virginia.